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CASE STUDY IM1: Implant Under a Failed Bridge

Here in the left posterior mandible the single implant is seen under a failed bridge. In the pontic site an implant was placed and provisionalized immediately.

In this Case Study you will see:

  •    The non restorable tooth no.18 and bridge been removed
  •    Implant being placed in tooth no. 19 area.
  •    Using Cuff Links System for immediate provisionalization of  implant.
  •    Contouring of soft tissue before the beginning of restorative phase of treatment

IM1: Photo Details


In this photo you can observe teeth no. 18-20 failing bridge radio-graph image including pontic tooth no. 19.


After three weeks you can observe around the provisional restoration that how givgival has healed.


Lingual View | 4 Months


Gingival tissue under pontic of tooth# 19 can be seen along with non-restorable tooth# 18 after the removal of bridge.


After 6 weeks image of the gingival being healed around provisional restoration.


After 4 months of implant placement you can observe the gingival contour which was made prior to the fabrication of final crown.


Radio-graph image of implant which is placed in the site of tooth# 19, you can see along the provisional restoration.


After 4 months you can see here the provisional restoration with buccal view of healed gingival.


Lateral view | 4 months

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