Cerahi Dentistry Gets a New Logo

The branding team of Cerahi Dentistry worked head to head with the designer team to come up with with a professional logo which stands out and depicts a trust worthy image. Since the parent company Cerahi Industries has multiple sectors of manufacturing which mostly have similar manufacturing and supply chain process, the core focus of the logo was “Cerahi”, the part next to the logo represent the manufacturing sector it belongs to. For instance Dental Instruments category logo is named as Cerahi Dentistry. Surgical and Dental Instrument have similar manufacturing process, but in the real world the Dentistry is a separate field and could not be intermixed with other general or specialized surgeries.

Also in the logo design of “Cerahi” you will notice square blocks, the square blocks are mainly to represent the different manufacturing sectors Cerahi Industries has. There are currently 4 manufacturing sectors in which Cerahi Industries deals in for.

For comparison with the previous logo Cerahi Dentistry you can see it below.

Current New Logo:

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