Cerahi Industries Re-launch the Business

Back in 2017 when Cerahi Industries was formally registered and started its business activities, the company suffered a big blow soon after which it had to stop its online business operations but kept on operating and dealing with the suppliers which it had connected. The investors and owners suffered a big loss but they did not gave up. Waiting for the right time, and while setting up global communication channels, the leadership planned to launch the business online again in mid-2019, and after an extensive marketing plan, created in collaboration with The Marketing Heaven, and efforts of IT, designing team, the business was re-launched on 23 September 2019.

Now Cerahi Industries has an amazing leadership with big investors, having an edge over the export market by not just manufacturing the dental and surgical instruments but also by providing software solutions, training workshops, multi lingual language support and global customer care. Cerahi Industries planned to start with launching Dentistry (Cerahi Dentistry) products online presence. And later, launching the main category of exports which surgical instruments.

To buy or preview product you can visit the shop site: shop.cerahidentistry.com

You can also follow Cerahi on social media.

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