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Offers a wide range of training workshops in the dental healthcare industry.

C-inhance ™ Cerahi Workshops

Dental, Cosmetic and Maxillofacial Surgery Training Workshops

C-inhance™  is result of our commitment and dedication towards the dentistry field in providing superior and professional training for dental implant surgery, cosmetic dentistry along with Oral and Maxillofacial surgery training workshops.

The objective of C-inhance™ is to discuss and deliver new eased practices into dentistry world and equip the dentistry towards a better eased operations.

  • Training workshops to be delivered by senior most and prominent dental surgeons.
  • Workshops to be organized globally thru various management chains.
  • All the courses/workshops shall be organized thru recognized channels and accredited internationally renowned certifications.

Service Overview

When we or someone we care for is sick or needs medical attention, we want the best care possible in the
shortest amount of time. Simply walk in and you will be seen as quickly as possible.

All dental workshops are undertaken by qualified and award winning doctors from around the world. Our all workshops are theoretical programmed which includes clinical training, lectures, discussion and exercises. C-inhance ™ training workshops accompanies its all participating practitioner clients with workshops ranging from implant surgery to all maxillofacial facial and digital surgery.

  • Quality Management Certified

    Understanding the work sensitivity we are CE mark and IS0-13485 certified company, moreover awaiting approval from cGMP, FDA, USA.

  • R&D

    Cerahi is constructively investing in Research and Development (R&D) in Implant Systems and continuous improvement of products.


  • Implant Surgery
    Coming Soon
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    Coming Soon
  • Prostheses on Implants
    Coming Soon
  • Digital Oral Scanners
    Coming Soon
  • Regenerative
    Coming Soon
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Coming Soon


Big Package

All workshops comes with training hand outs, free take home surgery kits, discounts plans buying Cerahi Dental Instruments and Implant Surgical Instruments.

Licensed Professionals

Our all training heads who conduct and plan workshops contents are licensed and recognized as reputable members of the dental healthcare industry.

Cost Effective

All the workshops are professional yet cost effective. They are much more affordable than what delivered by various academics in the global health care industry.

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Our Other Products and Solutions

Since we believe to grow out of low R&D products such as instruments manufacturing and fully involve in complete dental field and solutions we have came up with software and visual solutions for improved dental practice..

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