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CIGMA KEP ™ Implant Systems

About the System (Coming Soon)

The implant systems of CIGMA KEP ™ provides you with the multifaceted use for your each patient’s clinical situation. The surgical process with our implants shall be simple which allows you for submerged healing or transgingival healing.

  • The geometry of our implant system moved the implant and abutment to a central position by the connected transition. The horizontal integrated offset design establishes a proper base for soft and hard tissue stability on the implant shoulder.
  • Our Implants while ensuring hard and soft tissue free from irritation are able to provide you the flexibility of  2 piece system with positive bone response and desired profile emergence.
  • Up till the abutments the implants micro-structured shoulder also helps in bone formation. This helps in overlying soft tissue and establishes optimal conditions in health and long term tissue stability.
  • The CIGMA KEP ™ implant system once launched shall clinically and scientifically prove in promotion and maintenance of  hard and soft tissue with the passage of time. Our this combination of carefully designed features will ease your practice and health for your patient with reliable functionality.


Our Implant System

Our current R&D and planning into CIGMA KEP™ implant system once launched shall provide you with:

  • Six lengths and four diameters.
  • Identified with upper case letter for diameter
  • Number for length (6.6–17 mm).
  • Color-coding for implant diameter.

CIGMA KEP ™ implants will be supplied in  double sterile blister package which will also have an outer carton. Our this package design will offer maximum product safety acting in conformance for medical devices rigid requirements.

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