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Effective and Affordable Instruments for Regular Dental Practice

With over 22 Years in the field we have achieved what many could not, our experience from instruments die making till quality assurance of the end instrument has given us a global recognition.

We along with delivering exceptional services package to our customer have also contributed towards other local suppliers and exporters under corporate ethics in understanding the instruments in depth while also helping them to manufacturer error else products for an eased used by the end practitioner.

  • Cerahi Dentistry has a centered supply chain – which means that all production activities are happening in a centralized environment of everything we do and every decision we make. This ultimately decreases production cost and there are less errors to face during any production activity.
  • We are your partner for health care instruments, helping your dental practices well by bringing the best in dental instruments manufacturing.
  • We provide instruments up to the mark and upon the internationally recognized quality standards. Our delivery and communication is normally fast as per our commitments.


Zero Compromise on Quality

During surgical practices the life and health of a patient is in the hands of the surgeons, and the instruments in surgeon’s hand play a vital role. 1% error in the instruments manufacturing can prove unfruitful for the patient and erroneous for the practitioner which can lead to bad or devastating results. With this food of thought in our mind its our objective to deliver error less instruments and products for the end dental practitioner.

All instruments undergo quality check and quality assurance, any instrument which is not up-to the standard is excluded from the inventory and recycled. We don’t scrap instruments so they may not end up in someone’s else hand who may sell them ahead which could prove unfruitful for the practitioner.

Our value chain process starts from the moment when we receive an inquiry, our customer care department looks carefully at your inquiry and directs into the right department while guiding you accordingly until the delivery of the instruments.

Company Overview

When we or someone we care for is sick or needs medical attention, we want the best care possible in the
shortest amount of time. Simply walk in and you will be seen as quickly as possible.

Ever since our founding we become an integral part of the industry, working towards our mission of providing access to compassionate manufacturing solutions to the other vendors and suppliers. Today the leaders of Cerahi Industries have a name in the industry for the important role in manufacturing consultation and providing solutions.

For the past 22 years Cerahi Industries was running under an unregistered name, later in 2016 the business underwent proper allocation of the resources and planning for expanding the business from local supply to international supply of the instruments. In 2017 Cerahi Industries was officially registered in SCCI and made its subsidiaries, one of which is Cerahi Dentistry.

  • Expert Dentist on Board

    We have expert dentist with us for continuous improvement in the instruments.

  • Quality Management Certified

    Understanding the work sensitivity we are CE mark and IS0-13485 certified company, moreover awaiting approval from cGMP, FDA, USA.

  • Global Customer Care

    One big reason to choose us is that we have a global network of representatives for eased purchasing of the products and strategic relations.

  • High Quality Instruments

    All instruments are made under special supervision of expert craftsmen having experience of more than 30 years.

  • Corporate Ethics

    We are the most corporate ethical organization in the market. We believe in sound HR policies, and constructively working with competitors in the market.

Price List of Instruments

  • Endodontic Instruments
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  • Excavators Instruments
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  • Explorer Instruments
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  • Haemostatic Forceps
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  • Root Elevators
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  • Periosteal Elevators
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With Cerahi Dentistry You Get


When it comes to price with quality there is no one who can beat us. Our instruments are most cost effective compared to American, European and Asian markets.

No Compromise on Quality

Delivering quality and precision instruments is our main priority, and we don’t compromise on this for any malpractice or loss of any patient during surgical practice.

Value Chain

From the time we receive an inquiry our team engages in delivering best consumer experience. Our customer care department is highly trained to deliver best value.

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Our Other Products and Solutions

Since we believe to grow out of low R&D products such as instruments manufacturing and fully involve in complete dental field and solutions we have came up with software and visual solutions for improved dental practice.

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