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A good ethical business is the one which delivers to its promise, commitment, quality and works with full honesty for the greater benefit of the societies.

— Syed Kumail Abbas - Founder and CEO Cerahi Dentistry
  • Syedanwali East
    Near Al-Asar Hopsital
    Sialkot, Pakistan



Cerahi’s management often faced an issue with the storage of inventory. To find a solution the invest board made a decision to hire professional management consultants and an IT department with broad experience and specialization in AI. All together we can up with a proper infrastructure to handle the entire stock.

Upon one to one meetings with our European customer and hospital administration we observed the same problem of poor inventory management. With a mutual consideration and after market research we are soon coming up with solution to the stock and inventory management solution specially designed for small clinics, surgical instruments suppliers, hospitals, Auto-clave Sterilizer Departments and Medical Centers, the solutions will revolve around proper handling using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced software technologies.

Automated Inventory Monitoring

Our AI system will eliminate all chances of error occurring due to manual control. The information results will be streamlined by showing accurate results. The AI system will send out the specific inventory with requested surgery set with descriptions. The entire system will keep the inventory outgoings in in-comings in a proper check to avoid any mistake and irrelevant operations.

Robot Automation and Data Mining

Our proposed automation performing in higher frequency will be used to pick out the surgery sets, PRF boxes and instruments in the correct facilities. The cognitive learning system will allow them to understand the type of the product and store it accordingly, this will be done with the help of algorithms which will guide entire operations.

The algorithms will predict and recommend instrument sets based on information collected thru behavioral requests and surgery types.

  • Quality Management Certified

    Understanding the work sensitivity we are CE mark and IS0-13485 certified company, moreover awaiting approval from cGMP, FDA, USA.

  • R&D

    Cerahi is constructively investing in Research and Development (R&D) in Implant Systems and continuous improvement of products.

  • Corporate Ethics

    We are the most corporate ethical organization in the market. We believe in sound HR policies, and constructively working with competitors in the market.

  • Global Customer Care

    One big reason to choose us is that we have a global network of representatives for eased purchasing of the products and strategic relations.

Inventory Management Infrastructure BETA Testing




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