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Welcome to Cerahi Dentistry

Cerahi Dentistry is the child company of Cerahi Industries® acting as manufacturer and exporter of all types Dental Implants and Instruments, the industry is ISO-13485 certified and is officially registered with FBR and SCCI.

Cerahi Dentistry had been operating in Sialkot, Pakistan for over 21 years having human resources whose expertise and experiences are over 2-3 decades. The business for past 21 years was operating under an unregistered name as manufacturer and supplier of dental and surgical goods to local traders/exporters. In 2016 the whole business underwent proper branding and proper allocation of resources and in 2017 it was official registered as Cerahi Industries dividing its manufacturing operations in 4 sub industries and developing a global network of partners and customer care representatives.

Our Vision Statement

We look forward to becoming future leaders while coming up with innovative dental care and surgical solutions. Our priority shall always be providing maximized incomparable value while been affordable which never compromises our mission.

Our Mission Statement

To recognize the value of every person which commits us to manufacture the goods with advanced technology, precision and superior quality control. We provide our employees a valued working environment so they can participate in creation of healthier lives for global communities.

Our Goals and Objectives

To Work with Global Surgeon Associations in Providing Enhanced Surgical Solution by Use of R&D, Technology and Craftsmanship for Improved Health Care Practices of Future Generations.

Why Choose Cerahi Dentistry?

  • Manufacturer of Best Quality Dental Instruments

    Manufacturer of Best Quality Dental Instruments

    At Cerahi we don’t compromise on the quality standards from raw steel to finished product, each instrument is quality checked and assured from each manufacturing stage it passes….Read more

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM )Service

    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM )Service

    With Cerahi Dentistry you get OEM service, which means that we shall be responsible for designing and manufacturing the instruments and goods according to your specifications and…Read more

  • Cerahi Global Customer Care

    Cerahi Global Customer Care

    Globalization and ease for customer in placing orders has been the key points while revamping the entire business. With this in mind Cerahi Dentistry has representatives who are…Read more

  • Experts in the Field of Dental Manufacturing

    With over 22 Years in the field we have achieved what many could not, our experience from instruments die/mold making till quality assurance of the end instrument has given us a…Read more

  • ISO-13485 and CE Mark

    ISO-13485 and CE Mark

    In 2017 Cerahi Industries was awarded ISO-13485 certification, internationally recognized standard that ensures instruments meet the demands and needs of of practitioners through…Read more

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