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  • Quality Standards

    Here at Cerahi Dentistry we are ISO-13485 and CE marked company following all internationally recognized quality standards for the health care instruments.
  • Global Network

    For eased communication and customer care we have now expanded to over 7 global networks covering 11 languages
  • Operational Hours

    • (Head Office)
      Monday - Saturday
      8.00 - 17.00
      Monday - Saturday
      9.00 - 18.00
    • SYDNEY
      Monday - Saturday
      9.30 - 17.30
      Mon - Thur
      9.30 - 15.00

We Value Your Dental Practices by Delivering High Performing Instruments

Welcome to Cerahi Dentistry a child company of Cerahi Industries, manufacturer and global supplier of all Dental Instruments, Implant Surgical Instruments and Doctor Scrubs. We understand the dental practices thru a practitioner’s mind and are committed to  provide fast effective and affordable solutions.

Why Choose Us

It is the constructive HR policies, Quality Management System and our valued customers who make Cerahi Dentistry what it is and we are
extremely proud of our achievements. We believe that positive input from our Customers and HR can help improve our system,
contributing to the industry for the best manufacturing practices and solutions, all together providing enhanced medical care to global communities.

  • High Quality Instruments

    All instruments are made under special supervision of expert craftsmen having experience of more than 30 years.

  • Quality Management Certified

    Understanding the work sensitivity we are CE mark and IS0-13485 certified company, moreover awaiting approval from cGMP, FDA, USA.

  • Expert Dentist on Board

    We have expert dentist with us for continuous improvement in the instruments.

  • Corporate Ethics

    We are the most corporate ethical organization in the market. We believe in sound HR policies, and constructively working with competitors in the market.

  • R&D

    Cerahi is constructively investing in Research and Development (R&D) in Implant Systems and continuous improvement of products.

  • Global Customer Care

    One big reason to choose us is that we have a global network of representatives for eased purchasing of the products and strategic relations.

Latest News

Instruments Catagories

  • Best Quality Implant Surgical Instruments

    We have the best quality available in the whole market for implant surgical instruments.

  • Dental Surgical Sets

    Dental Surgical Sets are specially designed for different dental and maxillary surgery procedures. Check out all the surgical sets available in best prices.

  • Amalgam Carrier

    Amalgam carriers are used to fill amalgam in the dental cavities. They mostly come with double and single tip.

  • Bone Instruments

    Bone grafting instruments used for general bone grafting procedures in surgeries. 

  • Periodontal Scalers

    Periodontal scalers are used for root planing of the teeth they are also used to scaling and over all periodontal care of teeth. Comes in both single and double ended tips.

  • Endodontic Instruments

    We have a wide range of endodontic instruments.

  • Excavators Instruments

    Excavator instrument are used to prepare cavity for operatory treatment by removing diseased tissues from the teeth. Find best priced excavator instruments with Cerahi Dentistry.

  • Extracting Forceps

    Discover wide range of carefully manufactured extraction forceps.

  • Impression Trays & Instruments Trays and Hollow-ware

    We have made into consideration optimal usage of storage, effective cleaning thru lid and large perforations on the bottom.

  • Visit Shop Page for all Instruments

    Our shop site has more than 500 instruments and categories listing, please visit shop site to explore all other dental instrument catagories

Case Study IM1

Implant Under a Failed Bridge

Here in the left posterior mandible the single implant is seen under a failed bridge. In the pontic site an implant was placed and provisionalized immediately.

In this Case Study you will see:

  •    The non restorable tooth no.18 and bridge been removed
  •    Implant being placed in tooth no. 19 area.
  •    Using Cuff Links System for immediate provisionalization of  implant.
  •    Contouring of soft tissue before the beginning of restorative phase of treatment
Read Complete Case

Cerahi Dentistry is Environment Friendly

Going Green

At Cerahi production facilities we have made our all practices environment friendly, from staff transportation van till the waste products.

Our Green Practices:

  • An environmentally friendly sterilization program.
  • No usage of aerosol products
  • More usage of natural light and ventilation
  • Production of energy using natural resources
  • Indoor plants spacious working environment
  • Meals to labors served in reusable containers
  • Water saving toilets
  • Usage of paint that does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Educating our 100+ work force and their families for greener practices

Meet the Global Managers

It is the people who make Cerahi Dentistry what it is  today and we are extremely proud of the work dedication of our
human resources. Our Global Network of representatives is what makes us stand out in the competition for eased communication and delivering the right value.

Want to become a strategic Partner?FILL THE FORM

How to Order?

Choose the Products you Need

Visit the shop site and choose the instruments from a wide range of instruments you need.  For services related inquiries you can either email or fill the inquiry form from services page.

Send an Inquiry

After you are done with the instruments, the checkout will lead you to sending us an inquiry, we shall then confirm you by whatsapp or email with the performa invoice of your order.

Proceed with Payment Options

Once the instruments list and their prices are confirmed you can proceed with advance payment as mutually agreed. You can pay via Moneygram, Nostro Bank Transfers, interac-e (Canada) or Paypal

  • Syedanwali East Near Al-Asar Hospital, Sialkot, PK

    Send us your instrument samples for OEM service


Cerahi Dentistry and Dentistry World

Cerahi Dentistry actively stays engaged in dental practices discussions, case studies, conferences, business shows. For continuous improvement in products we believe involving in all dental related products and services is necessary. Our global training workshops and other services approach are a clear example of this.

Preview our recent business engagements.

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